HR Services

HR Services

Exquisite Recruitment Services Adapted To Your Needs

Outsourcing a recruitment agency is a vital business practice that saves businesses a tonne of money, time, and a bulk of burden by aiding you to avoid the complex laws and paperwork that must be completed for the recruitment process.

Hiring a staff of human resources professionals comes with a number of obstacles for the firm. Because it is more expensive, outsourcing HR services for the work is growing in popularity.

Since it is clear from surveys that doing so yields a higher return on investment while also enabling businesses to concentrate on the primary goals they set for their organization.

Niche infotech is a well-known name in the recruitment service. We don’t just hire ordinary individuals for you; we constantly seek the brightest minds out there to assist our clients to grow and become a successful organization in the industry.

Finding the greatest and most energetic individual is a difficult undertaking, so our team does a thorough investigation and uses their broad network to locate the best employee in the field.

What differentiates us?

1.Economical on your pocket:

Find out how outsourcing HR functions might help your firm flourish while operating costs rise. A few advantages of outsourcing HR services from niche infotech include higher productivity and decreased overall costs.

2.Standard Operating Procedure:

Finding and identifying talent is our greatest skill. There are multinational corporations that conduct thorough research to identify the talent hotspots of particular needs and recruit individuals on distant work contracts. 

Such global employment chances are found for you by Niche infotech, and we connect you to them.

3.Extensive Market Research:

We research the market to ensure that the selected individual will receive a fair wage and relocation assistance. We give our assistance in making the offer reasonable for the employer and the candidate.

4.Understanding of Labor Laws:

Without including the state and local laws, there are already more than 40,000 pages of federal laws. You didn’t establish your business to worry about adhering to labor rules, so let us handle it.

Niche Infotech provides all the expertise necessary to reduce the barriers to your operation.

5.Litigation and Risk:

Since 1995, employment litigation has increased by 2000%. which is still surging, Which indicates oblivious of the industry insights can increase your trouble therefore hiring professional experts is crucial for the business to sustain in the market.


Niche InfoTech is an IT service provider with expertise in a variety of IT solutions, including mobile app development, digital marketing, web development, and many others.

We are mostly centralized in North America for services.

Our crew is enthusiastic about providing high-quality service and is young, with adequate skills and ground breaking equipment’s.

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HR Services

Niche Infotech creates an appropriate framework and precise goals for the organization’s employees and management. This enables companies to concentrate on assuring good performance, creating value, and increasing operational effectiveness.

Our services:

Niche Infotech provides recruitment services such as clients managing complicated projects and local and international staffing. Along with staffing, we assist clients in keeping informed of labor market developments and offer to consult to help them create an HR strategy.

Permanent recruitment:

Most employment agencies are unsuccessful because they are willing to sacrifice quality which set us apart from the competition. Since recruiting permanent staff is essential for the company’s stability and workflow, you may easily hire them for your office.

Contractual staff:

Our sector-leading practices give our clients access to the best contract employees in the shortest time possible.

HR Services
International staffing:

We make it simpler for you despite the fact that it is a difficult process. We deliver the best candidate for the firm and hire them by locating the best talent out there.

HR Services
Volume Hiring:

If you need to employ an abundance of applicants, Niche Infotech can swiftly free you from this challenging process. Contact us if you want to.

HR Services
Recruiter on demand:

To accomplish your business goals, have our expertise and resources merge into your organization. Get the prompt service you need with the ability to change.

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Don’t wait to accomplish your company goals. We provide the finest solutions where it matters the most because Niche Infotech never overlooks quality. 

Our team members have served many clients to the best of their ability and have assisted their company’s growth. If you have any questions or would like to consult us or take any advice, please feel free to get in touch with us; we would be happy to assist you.



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