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Software development

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A Software is a set of instructions, information, or computer programmes that are employed to run devices and accomplish specific tasks.

It effectively gives instructions to all of the computer system’s peripheral devices on what to do and how to complete a task.

Software performs essential tasks for us, and they have drastically transformed how we live and work. Using mobile devices to conduct business is a great way to benefit from cutting-edge breakthroughs like virtual reality and artificial intelligence. You can change the user interface and offer something unique compared to your competitors.

Benefits of software for business:

1.Link Up With Clients

Businesses that want to stay competitive must embrace a mobile-first strategy to reach customers wherever they are. Mobile development is a terrific opportunity to provide current users with enhanced customer service and draw in new customers.

2.Technology is the future

The industry for mobile apps is expected to be worth more than $400 million by 2026. Leading IT companies are making use of this rapidly growing sector to offer something special or provide a more user-friendly approach.

3.New Revenue Sources

By communicating with your clients on a variety of platforms, you unlock the door to fresh and varied streams of income.


Niche InfoTech is an IT service provider with expertise in a variety of IT solutions, including mobile app development, digital marketing, web development, and many others.

We are mostly centralized in North America for services.

Our crew is enthusiastic about providing high-quality service and is young, with adequate skills and ground breaking equipment’s.

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Niche Infotech offers the following software development services:

ERP Software & application
1.ERP Software & application

Our main goal while creating ERP software is to completely meet all of your needs so that you won’t have to make any compromises. We provide flexible, compact ERP software to support business activities on a daily basis.

(ERP) software has advantages for firms throughout a range of sectors. Certainly, the industry has benefited more from ERP than others. Additionally, a mobile app enhances the benefits of the business.

The benefits associated with ERP are:

  1. Enhanced Business Reporting
  2. More precise reporting tools based on current data
  3. One integrated database serves as the single source of truth for all business processes.
  4. Improve customer service
  5. improved client data access
  6. faster response times
  7. Reduction in inventory costs

Poor inventory management leads to longer turnaround times for customer orders , which eventually hampers business.

We often put a priority on speed and intuitive navigation while developing ERP software. Our customers have already benefited from Niche Infotech’s flexible, portable ERP software.


With the aid of CRM software, a company is able to keep all of its customer records in one easy-to-access area. CRM software typically meets the requirements of marketing, sales, and customer service within a business by enabling data sharing between different departments in an organization to enhance customer care.

An effective CRM programme will enable a firm to bring in new clients, raise their value to the business, keep loyal clients, and figure out how to provide them with higher-quality service. We specialise in offering comprehensive CRM to our clients. We have a lot of expertise in the various components of creating a successful CRM system.

School management software
3.School management software

A nation’s education system has always been its cornerstone. The principle, faculty, students, parents, security, and a host of other key stakeholders were all taken into account when creating the software tool. Several of the existing management software packages are not designed very well.

In fact, Niche Infotech’s software has been developed with the awareness that some schools lack the necessary programming.

Tracking software
4.Tracking software

Making an effective one is difficult because tracking software is crucial for monitoring business development and safety.

We can offer you intelligent tracking software because our programmers are knowledgeable experts with advanced skills.

Application maintenance
5.Application maintenance

Making an application is only one part of the process; managing it is another. If care is not taken, the application could negatively affect your organization because it is so complex.

The project management techniques we offer are useful and efficient. Rapid problem-solving and thorough research are both done.

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